The Cathedral (right) with the Presbytery (centre) & Shandon Steeple (left)

The Cathedral of St, Mary & St Anne, known locally as the North Cathedral is located at the top of Shandon Street, in one of the most historic areas of Cork. The Cathedral is the principal church of the diocese of Cork & Ross and is the place where major diocesan celebrations take place. The Cathedral was dedicated in 1808 and celebrated its bicentenary in 2008.

The Cathedral has seen major changes over its 200 year history. In 1820 the Cathedral was maliciously set on fire and extensively damaged. The work of restoration was undertaken by George R. Pain who had come to the city in 1818.

1In 1964 an extension to the sanctuary area was undertaken and the internal layout was reorganised. A sanctuary tower was constructed, rising to a height of 80 feet to compliment the western tower.

2In 1996, major repairs and renovation were again required. The Cathedral closed for the duration of the work. The tower was completely renovated, the roof re-slated, the gothic ceiling repaired, external stonework repointed, the sanctuary underwent a major refurnishment and the interior was generally upgraded. Parishoners and clergy, people of the diocese and beyond raised more than £3.5 million during that period.


CLOCKSaturday Vigil & Eves of Holy Days: 6.00pm


Holy Days & Bank Holidays: 11.00am

Weekdays: Cathedral: Mon-Sat: 10am


A new parish assembly is currently being formed. If you are interested in sharing your time and talents please contact the parish office.




The Cathedral now has a Youtube channel. Media featuring and connected to the Cathedral will be uploaded and shared on this resource. Click here to view.